bike delivery


Bike deliveries

No waste, No co2, No waste of time, In 3 steps

1.Order online your products

Choose from more than 250 dry, liquid cleaners and other bulk products, most of which are natural, local and fairtrade.

2.Bike delivery the day of your choice.

Decide the day and time of delivery. We deliver on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. In the morning 9-12 am and in the evening 17-20 pm

3.Transfer in your containers.

Once arrived we transfer all your dry and liquid products to you in your containers.


Cereales, Grains and Rices

Nuts and Seeds

Flours and Ingredients

Pasta and Legumes


Chocolates and Dry fruits

Body products

Cleaning products

Oils and Spices

Baskets of Fruits and Vegetables

Teas and Coffee

Ecologicals products


zero waste products

kilometers and + on bike every month

Local products

We prioritize products from local producers to minimize the distance they have to travel before arriving to you, and to help local economy

4 seasons bike delivery

all products are in bulk. So you can order the exact quantity you want and avoid wasting food. In addition bulk products are cheaper than packaged one

Organic and fair trade

We prioritize organic and fair trade products, to better protect the environment, to have healthier foods, and to respect producers in ways that respect human dignity.

Vrac Zéro déchet

All products ordered are in bulk and without packaging. They are pour in your containers thus remaining zero waste and simple.
Available delivery zone. $ 5 Delivery , free for $ 75 and more
Who am i?
My name is Simon Gosselin-Barbeau. I am concerned about the environment and an enthusiast who puts heart in everything I undertake. I like doing things my way and I am always open to any proposal :). I do not have any employees and I finance with my job as a carpenter. Do not hesitate to contact me for anything! Want to know my experience with Vrac sur roues? Click here (Blog)
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pas de déchet, pas de co2, pas de perte de temps.

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